Moonstone Manor

Interactive Virtual Tour of the Mansion

Google StreetView is amazing but there is a learning curve – let us help you learn how to navigate! The operation is very similar to a gaming experience, so those of you who game will get this right away, for those of you who don’t, here are some tips.

First note that everywhere you go you can use your keyboard arrows to ‘look around’. The up arrow takes you to the next location, the down arrow takes you back to the previous location and the side buttons allow you to actually look around the room you are in as though you are turning your head! You can zoom in and out to get a closer look using the wheel on your mouse. Also note that there are boxes on the left side of the photo – these boxes enable you to go to other places in the mansion. Each one is linked to another floor or area that you can view! Simply click on any number (1 – 5) and you will be taken to that area. Each floor has a number, each location has a 360 degree view of the room you are in, so always use the side arrows to look around! You can use the arrows on the floor of the photo to navigate to other areas or use the up/down arrows on your keyboard to go to different rooms on each floor. You will move the direction you are ‘looking’ so look different ways to explore more rooms. You can ‘walk’ into each room, then ‘turn around’ and ‘walk’ back out again!

To start, click on the photo of the foyer above and use your side arrows to look around the foyer, then look to your left to enter the parlour and dining room or look right to move into the study and conservatory. When you are ready for more, click on the 2 to explore the second floor up the main staircase, click on 3 to explore the third floor of the main staircase. When you are ready to see the other five bedrooms off the study, simply click on numbers 4 and 5.

REMEMBER TO LOOK AROUND BECAUSE YOU MOVE IN THE DIRECTION YOU ARE LOOKING! Once you get the hang of it this is a great way to show your friends and family the venue!

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"As one person commented on the website, "relaxed and comfortable" was how Dan and Holly's wedding was last weekend. You and your husband are the most gracious hosts of a most beautiful place. Of course, the weather was perfect, but so were all the pictures with the manor house and nature at its finest as a backdrop. You were right about JDK catering also - seemless. Then to top it off, we got to sleep in your lovely rooms. The breakfast on Sunday was sumptuous! I just can't say enough about the fantastic time we had - all weekend! Sorta wish I had another child to have another wedding there. Hopefully, I'll get back there someday!"

—Carol and Dan G.